Asters provides a full range of services in the area of family and inheritance law to Ukrainian and foreign clients, including legal counseling, as well as the drafting of various contracts concerning family matters and inheritance. We assist in negotiations and alternative dispute resolution, including mediation, represent clients before courts and government agencies, and concern ourselves with the execution of court judgments.

Our lawyers are always conscious of the unique nature of this practice, the parties' significant emotional involvement in the process as well as the profound impact of legal decisions on the client's life. That is why we approach each client and each situation individually and offer the most efficient solution.

The Family law practice is often not strictly limited to just family matters. As a full-service law firm, Asters is in the position to offer its clients the wide expertise of its lawyers from other practices, including from corporate, tax, and real estate law, to solve complex family law problems. This allows us to comprehensively analyze each case and to find a holistic solution. Furthermore, for the benefit of our clients, we closely cooperate with foreign law firms to create a seamless cross-border experience for our clients.

Competent and timely legal advice on family law matters saves mental energy, time, and money. This allows our clients to avoid the escalation of a conflict from an early stage, and even to find a peaceful solution without bringing the conflict to crisis point.

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Firm Recognition:


  • No.1 Law Firm in Family Law/Private Clients in Ukraine, Market Voting Ranking within 50 Leading Law Firms of Ukraine 2024 research
  • leading firm in family law, Market Leaders 2023. Yurydychna Gazeta (Legal Newspaper)
  • leading practice in family law matters, Ukrainian Law Firms 2021. A Handbook for Foreign Clients
  • shortlisted for Family Law Firm of the Year award, Ukrainian Legal Awards 2020
Featured services:

Drafting agreements in the field of family relationships, including the following: 

  • agreements regulating property relations between spouses and persons living in civil partnerships / cohabitation (prenuptial and post-nuptial agreements, the division of property agreements, agreement on the allocation of the share of one of the spouses from all spousal property, the agreement on the definition of the order of using the property);
  • alimony agreements (agreements between the parents of a child on the payment of alimony, and agreements on the termination of child-maintenance through the transfer of real-estate ownership), agreements on determining a child’s place of residence and the system for communicating with a child for a parent who lives separately; 
  • agreements on spouse maintenance payments (agreements on the provision of maintenance, agreements on the termination of maintenance as a result of acquiring real estate or receiving a lump-sum payment, as well as spousal inheritance agreements); 
  • agreements regulating the use of auxiliary reproductive technologies; 
  • agreements on other issues requiring legal formalization. 


Providing legal advice and representation on the following matters: 

  • marriage in accordance with national procedures and cases with a foreign element, legalization of marriages concluded in Ukraine in foreign jurisdictions, and the legalization of marriages registered in foreign jurisdictions in Ukraine; 
  • dissolution of a marriage in the Agency of Civil Acts Registration Bureau and at court between citizens of Ukraine, as well as in matters with a foreign element (between a citizen of Ukraine and a foreigner if the marriage has been registered in foreign jurisdiction); 
  • recognition of a marriage as being invalid or unfulfilled, and the recognition of a fictive marriage as being dissolved; 
  • determining a separate residence regime for spouses; 
  • dividing spousal property in a contractual manner (by concluding an agreement on the division of property or a post-nuptial agreement) or by way of litigation, as well as in cases concerning the recognition of personal private property ownership which is not subject to division; 
  • contesting pre-nuptial agreements, property division agreements, alimony  agreements, agreements entered into by one of the spouses without the consent of the second spouse and other agreements under family law matters; 
  • property and non-property rights of persons residing in a "civil" marriage, establishing the fact of residence in a "civil" marriage; 
  • alimony legal relationships (collecting alimony, decreasing or increasing the alimony amount and other issues related to the maintenance of children and one of the spouses); 
  • establishment of paternity / maternity, recognition of paternity / maternity, contesting  paternity / maternity; 
  • deprivation and renewal of parental rights; 
  • defining the place of child residence, defining the system for the communication, upbringing and maintenance of a child for parents who live separately, as well as the elimination of obstacles in communicating with the child; 
  • permission by one of the parents to leave Ukraine with the child for temporary or permanent residence abroad, the illegal change of child's  place of residence by one of the parents, and the subsequent removal of the child and their returning to the earlier place of residence; 
  • using auxiliary reproductive technologies including programs for surrogate motherhood, from signing a reproductive medicine clinic agreement with the surrogate mother to ensuring the registration of a child’s birth, as well as on the international aspects of the legalization of children born with the use of auxiliary reproductive technologies; 
  • support in procedures for the pre-trial settlement of disputes, negotiation, and representation of clients before courts at all instances (including appeals and cassations) and other state bodies on family law issues, as well as services for the conclusion of a settlement agreement within the framework of court cases in family disputes;
  • filling out electronic declarations to the National agency on corruption prevention (NACP) regarding the property status and income of public servants and officials, taking into account the specifics of family and inheritance legal relations. In particular, correct definition of the legal regime of property acquired as an inheritance, during a marriage or cohabitation, or registered in the name of family members or other related persons, etc;
  • other services in the field of family law.
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