Asters' tech & comms lawyers are widely recognized for their expertise and experience in such areas as telecommunications, digital media, cybersecurity, technology, data protection and privacy. We advise on a wide array of matters ranging from regulatory and GR to transactions and disputes resolutions.

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Representative experience:

We have continued record of advising and representing on complex industry-related issues, including, among others:

  • one of the largest home appliances retailers in Ukraine in a dispute with the world's leading provider of cloud services and IT solutions for business concerning the creation of B2C e-commerce solutions;

  • an American multinational technology company on various issues related to the operation of datacenters and electronic communication networks;

  • a US social networking service company on regulatory matters concerning the establishment or operation of electronic communications network, network facilities and the provision of electronic services;
  • one of the biggest Ukrainian IT integrators on matters related to the construction of the National telecommunications network;
  • one of the largest furniture and home goods retailers in the world on a wide range of digital signature issues;
  • a company managing the project of a multi-platform messenger on regulatory issues related to the ISO implementation to finance the development of a new blockchain platform;
  • a Japanese e-commerce company on regulatory issues in connection with cryptocurrency use;
  • a US provider of financial services technology on Ukrainian regulatory issues in connection with any applicable restrictions on the provision of software, SaaS and IT services;
  • an American multinational technology company on encryption, cybersecurity regulation in Ukraine;
  • a Belgian SaaS company on various issues related to the regulation of VOIP services in Ukraine;
  • an international software company on distribution and franchising agreements in the CIS;
  • a leading provider of IT outsourcing, cloud solutions, web hotels and hosting on IP issues, including IP-related clauses of contract, legality of transferring industrial/intellectual property rights;
  • an American multinational technology conglomerate on software distribution model and related IP issues;
  • the largest American telecommunications company on issues related to the offering and delivering of telecommunication services to Ukrainian government, in particular, the creation of VPN, based on the MPLS global network architecture;
  • the largest telecommunications company in Japan on providing IP-VPN services in Ukraine, licensing procedure, issues of encryption licensing, certification, use of frequencies, and audio-text services;
  • a multinational networking and telecommunications company in connection with acquisition of global content delivery platform with a subsidiary in Ukraine;
  • a Ukrainian telecommunication mobile operator before national regulator on various matters related to the refarming and reallocation of radiofrequency resource;
  • a Ukrainian IT integrator on regulatory framework in the field of cyber security including for the processing and storage of state information resources and information subject to the mandatory protection; licensing requirements for provision of technical and cryptographic protection services as well as state secrets;
  • a national Ukrainian regulator on best practices of legal and regulatory measures related to identification and cyber protection of critical information infrastructures; conducting information security audit of operators of critical infrastructures; possible models of public-private collaboration in the field of cybersecurity;
  • a US non-governmental organization on the ability of state agencies, organizations and enterprises to adopt bug bounty programs (or vulnerability disclosure policies) and use services offered by bug bounty platforms and white hackers;
  • the largest full-service blockchain technology company in the world on cybersecurity issues inherent in blockchain solutions;
  • a major Ukrainian bank on legal issues concerning the screening of an employee’s corporate email correspondence and admissibility of those emails as evidence in court;
  • an official Ukrainian dealer of a major car manufacturer on the compliance with the revised Technical Radio Equipment Regulation.
Featured services:
  • regulatory compliance in connection with market entry, expansion and exit;
  • complex technology transactions, including technology transfer,research, design, development, exploitation, licensing and distribution;
  • information security and data protection laws and regulationscounseling;
  • managing government relations on telecom, cybersecurity, data protection and technology issues;
  • representing clients in cybersecurity investigations;
  • cryptocurrency regulations and transactions;
  • implementation of blockchain technologies across a range of industries;
  • representing in disputes of any dimension and complexity;
  • analysis of all implications associated with tech and comms businesses and transactions: corporate, commercial, antitrust/competition, tax, finance, intellectual property, bankruptcy, and labor.
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