We have a proven track-record of providing full-scope legal support for environmental matters.

Apart from advising on standard regulatory issues, we can also help you address complex legal matters, including issues related to reducing carbon emissions and supporting special water use.

Among our clients: exploration and processing companies, energy companies, investment funds and government agencies involved in environmental protection.

Asters is a legal partner of the European Business Association's Committee on Industrial Ecology and Sustainable Development. The Committee's activities are aimed at the reduction of industrial pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, as well as the introduction of circular economy principles in Ukraine. The committee brings together representatives from international and national companies operating in the agricultural, energy, steel, cement, chemical, woodworking and processing industries. Asters' lawyers provide pro bono support to the Committee in preparing legal analysis and drafting legislative initiatives.

Representative experience:

Our team has successfully advised and represented:

  • Energy Community on matters related to the implementation of regulation within waste incineration and PCI regulation into Ukrainian legislation
  • an international organization and the Ministry of Ecology of Ukraine on the adaptation of Ukrainian waste management legislation to EU standards
  • Damen Shipyards Group on regulatory issues regarding industrial pollution and waste management at its subsidiary shipyard in Ukraine
  • an international processing company on the construction of a gas condensate processing plant in Ukraine
  • an international industrial group of companies with respect to a suspension of activity by the order of the environmental inspection for violation of environmental law
  • a UAE developer on a potential waste-to-energy project
  • a Turkish company on a potential waste-to-energy project in Kyiv region
  • an international company with respect to an environmental impact assessment procedure and drafting an environmental impact assessment clause in project documentation for construction
  • a Ukrainian mining holding on strategies for land resources management
  • a Ukrainian electricity producer in obtaining special environmental permits
  • Element Six, part of the De Beers group, on environmental compliance and other regulatory issues related to the acquisition of a major Ukrainian diamond synthesis plant
  • Climate Focus B.V. on an overview of Ukrainian legislation on international emissions trading under the Kyoto Protocol, green investment scheme projects, and certain other environmental law matters sponsored by the World Bank
  • Green Gas International B.V. on implementation of a coal mine methane utilization project in Luhansk Region, Ukraine aiming at electric power and heat production as well as generation of and trade in the Emission Reduction Units under the Kyoto Protocol
  • Mountfield Commodities Limited Ukraine on legal environmental issues regarding the construction of a gas condensate processing plant in Ukraine
  • a US-based company on an investment project under the Kyoto Protocol's Joint Implementation mechanism in Ukraine
  • a Swiss company on the first contract in Ukraine to transfer ERUs under the Kyoto Mechanisms, including on the registration of greenhouse gases emissions and corporate matters in Ukraine
  • one of the world's largest corporate conglomerates on matters related to capturing coalbed methane in Ukraine and mounting of solar batteries (under the Kyoto Mechanisms)
  • C6 Capital Ltd. in connection with JI projects under the Kyoto Protocol with municipal companies with respect to municipal landfills in the Crimea, Ukraine, and Western Ukraine
  • The Danish Environmental Protection Agency on an Emission Reductions Purchase Agreement under the Kyoto Protocol with the Kyiv City State Administration regarding Kyiv City Landfill No. 5
  • GreenStream Network Plc on an Emission Reductions Purchase Agreement under the Kyoto Protocol with a major Ukrainian industrial enterprises with participation of a major Ukrainian bank
  • Komunalkredit Public Consulting on an Emission Reductions Purchase Agreement under the Kyoto Protocol with a major Ukrainian coal mine
Featured services:
  • strategic environmental assessment and environmental impact assessment
  • obtaining special environmental permits in the field of environmental management, to conduct dangerous operations or to use hazardous equipment
  • advising on regulatory issues (including ecological modernization)
  • supporting projects to reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • representing clients in disputes with regulatory authorities, including over environmental issues, as well as defending clients in administrative and criminal proceedings
  • developing waste management strategies
  • representing clients under environmental inspections
  • drafting laws and by-laws to adapt Ukrainian legislation to EU standards
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