Our mission is to protect our clients from ever-expanding threats in cyberspace. For that we have launched a unique integrated cyber security center – CyberDesk.

Powered by prominent experts from IT and legal spheres CyberDesk delivers comprehensive and innovative products and solutions to our clients.

In particular, we provide the following services:

–    cyberlaw consulting, including compliance of critical information infrastructure operators with cybersecurity law;

–    cyber-advocacy and investigation of high-tech incidents, including cyber-forensics that facilitates collection of digital evidence admissible in courts and law-enforcement agencies;

–     information security audits of networks, systems, applications and other assets;

–     implementation of information security management system;

–     cybersecurity trainings and awareness programs.

CyberDesk has its own R&D lab that enables us to test and apply innovative solutions.

Detailed information regarding CyberDesk's services can be found at the link.