Experience shows that litigation does not always serve as an effective tool to defend the interests of a client. At Asters, we offer a wide variety of approaches to have conflicts settled through amicable (or alternative) dispute resolution.

In the case of mediation, we act as a neutral third party that works with you and the other party to create conditions for constructive cooperation, and to help parties have their conflict resolved impartially, and to find mutually acceptable solutions to controversies. We do not defend the interests of either party, nor do we examine any evidence or statement, give any advice on the resolution of a dispute or make any decisions on your behalf. Instead, we advise you on cooperation between you and other participants in a mediation to find a solution satisfactory to all parties. Mediation is a confidential, flexible, and voluntary process.

In addition, mediation can be used even if a case has been already referred to a court because parties to the case are entitled to apply to a mediator at any stage of court or enforcement proceedings to facilitate the resolution of the dispute and to help them reach an amicable settlement.

Having a clear understanding of specific aspects of dealing with conflicts, mediators at Asters approach each case individually. We intervene as mediators in conflicts between companies or between their owners or shareholders, internal corporate conflicts or conflicts arising between companies and their customers.

We can further assist with analysing a conflict as part of preparation for negotiations or mediation process and can represent a client in the negotiations or mediation.

A timely and quality advice on a conflict resolution will help save time, tangible and moral resources, and have such conflict resolved in the best interests of the client without letting it boil over.


Featured services:
  • mediation of:

-          conflicts between companies;
-          conflicts between a great number of parties to settle controversies between business groups;
-          conflicts between owners or shareholders of companies;
-          conflicts between companies and their customers/purchasers/consumers;
-          conflicts between management and employees of companies (workplace mediation)
-          conflicts arising from termination of labour relations;
-          agreements;
-          projects;
-          advising on the execution of mediation agreements; and
-          providing legal advice on third-party mediation.


  • other methods of alternative dispute resolution:

-          representing clients in negotiations; and
-          assisting a client with analysing a conflict and the interests of parties, and preparing the client for the negotiations or mediation.

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