Doing business in Ukraine often involves being under the scrutiny of the law enforcement agencies and regulators. Sometimes this may have adverse consequences, such as criminal charges being brought against the company's management. Ukraine does not recognize corporate criminal liability, and therefore it is always the management who is at risk.

Competent and timely legal advice will help to avoid violations, evaluate potential risks or, where a criminal proceeding is already pending, to properly determine the right course of action and defense tactics, or even on how to get criminal charges dismissed before trial.

Considering the relevance of the issue, as well as the needs of the business, Asters has been actively developing its white-collar crime practice.

Asters attorneys specialized in white-collar crime have deep practical experience of the investigation activities used by the law enforcement agencies, as well as of human rights protection. This makes Asters well-positioned to successfully protect clients' interests at any stage of criminal proceedings.

Asters White-Collar Crime Brochure  

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Featured services:
  • providing full legal support for business activities, evaluating their legal compliance, and conducting internal investigations;
  • representing the client's interests before regulators and law enforcement agencies, providing legal assistance in the course of audits and in connection with inquiries made by such agencies;
  • conducting attorney investigations (including making attorney inquiries and collecting evidence to prove the innocence of commiting any crime or facts allowing for a release from liability or penalty or, at least, their reduction);
  • ensuring the comprehensive protection of the client's interests regardless of their procedural status at the pre-trial stage, including:

-          appealing against unlawful decisions or omissions made by an investigator, prosecutor or investigating judge;

-          taking steps to achieve indemnification for damage resulting from a crime;

-          arranging for and supporting independent expert examinations;

  • protecting the client's interests in the course of a trial, as well as at appellate reviews by second and third instance courts.
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