After enactment of the Law on State Aid 2014 (fully effective from August 2017) Asters was among those few law firms who pioneered into State aid advice.

We provide all-around assistance to companies and public authorities in relation to State aid compliance matters, represent them in State aid notifications to the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine (AMC) and in investigations carried out by the authority. As a full-service law firm, we are the one-stop shop for multidisciplinary State aid advice in various areas, including public tenders and privatizations, support to banking and financial institutions, media and energy sectors, fiscal aid and tax rulings, etc.

Asters has a dedicated team of State aid lawyers that combines insight from former AMC enforcers standing at the origins of the Ukrainian State aid legislation with the passion and sensitivity to complex theory and dynamic practice of State aid regulation in the EU. This gives Asters the key strength – ability to provide clients with the EU perspective on their State aid issues, which is highly important in view of Ukraine's commitment to rely on EU law and jurisprudence under the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement.

Our representative office in Brussels help us stay tuned to the latest developments in EU State Aid enforcement and offer best available approaches and strategies to our clients in Ukraine.

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