Martial law in Ukraine significantly amended existing legislation and introduced a number of new regulations related to doing business, mobilisation, military procurement, sanctions, employment, taxation and other regulatory issues. Since the first days of full-scale invasion, Asters' team accumulated its legal background and decades of experience to assist corporate and private clients in confronting the challenges of war, optimising business operations and achieving their business goals.

Firm recognition:

  • shortlisted for Financial Times Innovative Lawyers Europe 2023 with a new legal practice – the War Time Crisis Team, which creates unique solutions to ensure the smooth operation of clients' businesses during the wartime
Representative experience:
  • Advising the world's largest humanitarian mine clearance organisation on ongoing corporate, tax, employment and regulatory matters related to its activities in Ukraine
  • Advising an aerospace high tech company on set up of a presence in Ukraine and related regulatory issues
  • Advising a global supplier of ammunition and firearms on corporate, tax and regulatory issues in Ukraine
  • Advising a leading company in the security industry and demining on setting up Ukrainian operations, immigration procedures for employees and military service procedures
  • Advising one of the largest global aerospace manufacturers on corporate, commercial, labour and personal data protection issues arising in view of acquisition of navigation system
  • Advising an Austrian airport engineering and operator company on conversion of a major military airfield into a joint civilian/military airport
  • Advising an aviation museum in the USA on acquisition of military aircraft engines in Ukraine
  • Advising a state agency on developing and coordinating a policy of national security on drafting cybersecurity strategy of Ukraine on the implementation of certain forms of public-private partnership
  • Advising the State and local authorities on the development of legislative acts and other regulatory issues due to martial law in Ukraine
  • Advising a state authority focusing on providing secure government communications, government courier service, information protection and cyber defence on cybersecurity, data protection and telecommunications in connection with the development of by-laws in the field of cybersecurity
Featured services:

Asters offers extensive expertise, backed by successful track record, to advise clients on:

  • Martial law (mobilisation: general advice on mobilisation of employees, border crossing, discharge of conscripts from military service, relocation of conscripts; comprehensive assistance during the reservation process and registering employees in the special military register)
  • Demining (accreditation procedures for operators of demining activities; advising agricultural companies on financing demining and post-demining activities; procurement of demining equipment)
  • Military tech (setting up business; promotion of cooperation between individual defence tech companies, the state, the Ukrainian military, investors and other potential partners)
  • Government relations (negotiations with the government authorities; contribution to the legislation making activities; dispute resolution and mediation)
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