Asters - founded in 1995 as Shevchenko Didkovskiy and Partners and rebranded in 2008 - has consistently remained at the top of the Ukrainian legal market throughout its history.
We are unique in Ukraine in our combination of established world-class quality, international recognition, strong local roots and deep expertise.

Key facts about Asters


Asters and its partners are consistently placed at the very top of the country's legal market by the most authoritative international and Ukrainian market reviews.

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Our values

The most crucial principle of our work is dedication to our clients. We know from experience how important quality advice is for staying successful and secure in the Ukrainian business environment. That is why we concentrate the practice on our clients receiving not only fast and flexible but also reliable and strategically viable legal assistance.

This dedication to clients is reflected in both our attitude to people who work at Asters and to the society at large. Because law is connected with all aspects of life, only a complete human being can provide truly complete legal advice. 

That is why we cultivate our accessible and friendly corporate culture, for which we are known on the market. In our partners and associates you find not legal machines, but well-rounded human beings who can take into account all the complexities of the client's situation.
Our business partners and our clients can only thrive in a well-functioning society. That is why we take our social responsibility seriously through our support for arts and education.

Our legal capacities are greatly enhanced by our active citizenship, working with Ukrainian government ministries, the National Bank, the Antimonopoly Committee, the Securities and Exchange Commission, and business associations such as European Business Association and International Chamber of Commerce and other business organizations that strive to improve Ukraine’s legal climate for business.

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