Our multidisciplinary team advises and represents established businesses and startups in every segment of technology industry and data analytics across a full range of legal areas including IP rights, taxation, finance and securities, corporate, antitrust, M&A, litigation, cybersecurity and data protection, white-collar crimes.  

Information Technology industry practice is part of the global route of our professional development in Technology & Innovations fields, which also includes communications, digital media and cybersecurity practices.

Clients: software developers and vendors, IT-related service providers, hardware manufacturers, technology providers, digital platforms, cryptocurrency high-net-worth investors, data analytics businesses.

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Representative experience:
  • Advising a US provider of financial services technology on Ukrainian regulatory issues in connection with applicable restrictions on the provision of software, SaaS and IT services;
  • Advising an international software company on distribution and franchising agreements in the CIS;
  • Advising a US multinational production and service technology company on a number of issues regarding compliance issues, privacy and data protection;
  • Advising one of the largest furniture and home goods retailers in the world on a wide range of digital signature issues;
  • Advising a company managing the project of a multi-platform messenger on regulatory issues related to the ISO implementation to finance the development of a new blockchain platform;
  • Advising a Japanese e-commerce company on regulatory issues in connection with cryptocurrency use;
  • Advising an international game provider on operation of international Internet sweepstakes program in Ukraine;
  • Advising a multinational telecommunication corporation on the enforcement of IP rights and cease of multiple usage of client’s TM infringing TM rights;
  • Advising a leading provider of IT outsourcing, cloud solutions, webhotels and hosting on IP issues, including IP-related clauses of contract, legality of transferring industrial/intellectual property rights;
  • Advising one of the world’s fastest-growing cybersecurity companies on IP rights relating to the client’s software;
  • Assisting an e-commerce agency with drafting of agreements with the software engineers;
  • Advising US multinational technology conglomerate on software distribution model and related IP issues;
  • Advising a major Ukrainian bank on legal issues concerning the screening of an employee’s corporate email correspondence and admissibility of those emails as evidence in court;
  • Advising Ukrainian HNWIs on matters related to reorganization of cryptocurrency-related business with presence in EU;
  • Advising a multinational networking and telecommunications company in connection with acquisition of global content delivery platform with a subsidiary in Ukraine.
Featured services:
  • Advising on complex IT and outsourcing transactions, research, design, development, exploitation and distribution of technologies and innovations for all stakeholders
  • Advising on technology transfer and related licensing, distribution and services agreements
  • Acquisition, clearance and transfer of IP rights, trademark issues and brand management
  • Advising on cryptocurrency regulations and transactions, including AML/CTF compliance and counterparty due diligence based on the use of blockchain analytics; tax implications and reporting requirements
  • Advising on implementation of blockchain and distributed ledger technologies across a range of industries such as finance, energy, real estate, transportation, supply chain and trade
  • Advising on crypto-assets creation, issuance and investment, in particular, on the implications associated with securities law, currency regulation and taxation.
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