Military record and mobilization of women

Starting from 1 October 2022 women of certain specialties and professions will be obliged to enroll to the military register. Considering this, below we comment on the most relevant aspects of the military record and mobilization of women.

Criteria for keeping military record of women: as of now, the law does not provide a clear list of criteria for enrolling to the military register. However under the Law of Ukraine ''On Military Duty and Military Service'' (the ''Law''), the criteria may be as follows:

  • A woman has one of the twenty-one specialties and/or professions envisaged by Decree No. 313 of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine
  • A woman is within the age of 18 till 60
  • There are no circumstances that entail exclusion from the military register (e.g., unfitness to military duty with exclusion from the military register established in the manner prescribed by the law)

Military registration procedure: military registration procedure will be the same as for men. A woman needs to come to the military office at the place of registration with the necessary documents (passport, ID-card, two photos 3x4, etc.). It should be noted that the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine has not yet published by-laws that will regulate the registration procedure of women, subject to military registration. Hence, in the future, we expect the adoption of relevant by-laws.

Exemptions for certain categories of women: not yet determined. Therefore, pregnant women and women with children would likely be obliged to enroll to the military register subject to compliance with the abovementioned criteria.

Mobilization of women: provisions of the Law envisage that women on the military register may be called up for military service or involved in the performance of work to ensure the country's defense during martial law. However, military record and military service are not the same thing. Therefore, the fact that a woman is on military record is not necessarily a ground to be called for military service or mobilization. For example, having three or more minor children is a ground for exemption from mobilization. However, this does not preclude a person from being on the military record.

Mobilization procedure: the mobilization of women is identical to the mobilization of men. A woman is on military registration and can be mobilized only in the case of regular mobilization, when the appropriate conditions are determined by the President’s Decree. Afterwards, a woman would receive a summons to the military office and could be mobilized. Additionally, the Ministry of Defense officials stated that there is currently no need for forced mobilization of women in the Armed Forces.

Crossing the border by women: as regards this issue, the law does not distinguish between the military service of men and women. Therefore, restrictions on crossing the border for men may also apply to conscripted women. At the same time, officials of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine state that there are no plans to restrict women's travel abroad.

For further information, please contact Asters' Counsels Inesa Letych and Anton Sintsov, Head of ADR practice Yuna Potomkina.

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