New rules on military records

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine issued a Resolution as of 30 December 2022 No. 1487 (the «Resolution»), which approves the new order of the organization and keeping of military records of conscripts, liable for military service and reservists. The Resolution develops new templates of documents in the sphere of military records and improves the rules of such records.

In particular, the following novels and changes were introduced:

1. Changes to the rules on individuals with duties to keep military records within governmental bodies, local authorities, and companies. The Resolution provides that such duties should be imposed on employees of personnel service (HR), however in case of its absence – on an individual responsible for keeping records of employees within an entity.

The company may also employ individuals for mobilization work and mobilization units (if any), who would organize work regarding reservation of liable for military service and control over military records keeping. Probably, by analogy with the personnel service, in the absence of such full-time positions at an entity, the responsibilities of mobilization work can be assigned to other employees.

The number of individuals responsible for keeping military records within an entity depends on the number of liable for military service within such an entity.

2. Updates to the list of duties of liable for military service. Among other things, the Resolution introduced a new obligation for liable for military service to check their data with a military office at least once every five years.

3. Declaration as regards the direction for informatization of military records with the participation of state bodies. Namely, subject to the introduction of appropriate information interaction between the Unified State Register of conscripts, liable for military service, and reservists (the «Register») and relevant information and communication systems, registers, databases, enlistment, and removal from military registration of individuals may be carried out based on information on the declaration or removal from the registered place of residence of persons in electronic form, sent by the relevant state bodies directly to the Register.

The information received in electronic form is the basis for taking a person on military registration or removing from military registration by a relevant military office.

4. Detalization of the powers of governmental bodies in process of military records. The Resolution envisages that, in addition to the information about state bodies, local self-government bodies and entities located in the territory of the relevant district (city) sent from the State Statistics Service to the relevant military office annually by December 1, the State Statistics Service should also report the number of employees in such organizations.

For further information, please contact Asters' Counsels Inesa Letych and Anton Sintsov, Head of ADR practice Yuna Potomkina.

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