New initiatives regarding immigration of Belarusian IT business to Ukraine

On 02 October 2020, the President of Ukraine signed the Decree No. 420/2020, which defines new areas of support for the Belarusian IT business, as well as authorities responsible for their elaboration and implementation. The decree entered into force on 06 October 2020.

Who will be impacted by the support? 

Entrepreneurs and highly qualified specialists, in particular in the field of information technology and innovation, who are citizens of the Republic of Belarus and whose immigration is in the interests of Ukraine (hereinafter referred to as IT entrepreneurs and IT specialists respectively).

What initiatives are foreseen?

  • Extension of the period of temporary stay on the Ukrainian territory for IT entrepreneurs and IT specialists, as well as their family members to 180 days within 365 days;
  • Introduction of a pilot project regarding simplified issuance of temporary residence permits for IT entrepreneurs and IT specialists, as well as their family members, providing for the possibility of reducing the period for obtaining such permits to 3 days, without the need for additional travel outside the territory of Ukraine;
  • Optimization of the procedure for obtaining permits for the use of labor of foreigners and stateless persons for the employment of IT specialists by reducing the period for granting such a permit to 5 days, with the possibility of obtaining it on the principle of tacit consent;
  • Improvement of the procedure for registering IT specialists as individual entrepreneurs – single tax payers;
  • Recognition of documents issued by the competent authorities of the Republic of Belarus, necessary for the labor activity in Ukraine;
  • Uninterrupted operation of a single information portal and telephone hotlines to provide consultations to citizens of the Republic of Belarus who immigrate to Ukraine;
  • Provision of consulting assistance to citizens of the Republic of Belarus who immigrate to Ukraine by local authorities.

When will mentioned initiatives take effect?

After the prompt elaboration and adoption of new or amendments to the existing regulations by appropriate authorities.

We keep track on the status of the implementation of these initiatives and will inform you as events unfold.

For further information, please contact Partner Vadym Samoilenko and Associate Iuliia Savchenko.

Thank you for your application
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