Asters Joins the Ukrainian Wind Energy Association

Asters has become a member of Ukrainian Wind Energy Association (UWEA).

UWEA was founded in 2008 to promote wind energy technologies and insure wind energy interests in Ukraine, including close cooperation with state and regional administrations, improvement of state-of-the-art information sharing and experience exchange with all agents involved in national energy sector. UWEA unites politicians, public figures, scientists, wind power project developers, equipment suppliers and manufacturers, energy companies, researchers and consumers in order to affect the development of wind energy initiatives and attract investment in this industry. Association is a member of the World Wind Energy Association (WWEA) and European Wind Energy Association (EWEA).

Asters regularly advises clients on various matters of investing into wind energy projects in Ukraine. The firm's membership in UWEA enables Asters to actively contribute to the development of the renewable energy, network with professionals from the wind energy sector and represent clients' interests working in this industry.

Besides UWEA membership, Asters is actively involved in the work of the Fuel & Energy Committee at American Chamber of Commerce (ACC), which represents interests of the leading energy companies in Ukraine.

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