Ukraine launches a Project Office of development and implementation of electronic restoration management of recovery

The Ministry for Communities, Territories and Infrastructure Development of Ukraine (the Ministry for Restoration), together with the State Agency for Reconstruction and Development of Ukraine’s Infrastructure and in collaboration with Open Contracting Partnership, are launching the Project Office of the unified electronic restoration management ecosystem DREAM (Digital Restoration Ecosystem for Accountable Management).

The key tasks of the Project Office are:

  • development and implementation of DREAM ecosystem
  • integration of registers and systems
  • preparation of content for the webpages of the projects and communities
  • development of analytical tools
  • involvement of the key users to work with the ecosystem
  • communication with the key stakeholders
  • training assistance regarding the ecosystem use

The Project Office will consist of IT, user service and communication departments. Experts of the Project Office will instruct users of the platform on how to work with it and assist the key stakeholders both in Ukraine and abroad.

The public ecosystem module is available via the link and provides access to data on projects divided by sectors, communities and regions. The data of investment projects and public-private partnership projects has also become available in DREAM.

For additional information, please contact Asters' Counsel Anzhelika Livitska.

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