Ukraine joined the European ENTSO-E year ahead of schedule

On 16 March 2022, the ENTSO-E Transmission System Operators ("TSOs") agreed to start a trial synchronization of the European power system with the power systems of Ukraine and Moldova. The connection took place after an urgent request from NPC "Ukrenergo" and the transmission system operator of Moldova for emergency synchronization.

NPC "Ukrenergo", as the Ukrainian transmission system operator, has been taking measures to prepare the domestic energy system for synchronization with ENTSO-E since 2017. Then, an agreement was signed on the terms of the future synchronization.

On 24 February 2022, Ukraine had to disconnect its energy system from the energy networks of the Russian Federation and Belarus for several days and work in so-called "isolated mode". Entering the "isolated mode" was a planned measure that is necessary to synchronize the Ukrainian and European energy systems. The merger was supposed to happen in 2023. It was expected that Ukraine would return to the energy system of the Russian Federation and Belarus on 26 February, but due to the full-scale military invasion of the Russian Federation into Ukraine, the Ministry of Energy refused to reconnect.

On 28 February, EU energy ministers supported the accelerated integration of Ukraine into the European energy system.

Advantages for Ukraine

After completing some technical adjustments, Ukraine would become a full-fledged exporter of electricity to Europe and participate in the European electricity market. In addition, the Ukrainian consumers would have more opportunities to purchase electricity due to access to the EU electricity market, especially during periods when electricity prices in Europe are lower than in Ukraine.

In addition, during the war with the Russian Federation, we would be able get access to the supply of electricity from the EU if our energy system would be damaged.

ENTSO-E, the European Network of TSOs for Electricity, is the association for the cooperation of the European transmission system operators. The 39 member TSOs representing 35 countries are responsible for the secure and coordinated operation of Europe’s electricity system, the largest interconnected electrical grid in the world.

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