The Law on Paternity Leaves Entered Into Effect

On 15 April 2021, the Ukrainian Parliament adopted Law No. 1401-IX (the "Law"), aimed at providing equal parental rights for fathers. The Law entered into force on 9 May 2021.

The Law made available certain benefits that traditionally covered only women with children also to men. In particular, from now on men with children may enjoy the following rights:

  1. A right for paid paternity leave of up to 14 calendar days after birth of their child. Such paternity leave if also available to unmarried parents who live in civil partnership. If a mother or father of a child is a single mother or father respectively, the paternity leave may be granted to a grandmother, grandfather or other relative, who takes care of a child.
  2. The Law establishes equal right of a mother and father of a child to take an unpaid parental leave with a duration of up to three years. Previously, only mothers had priority for such leave.
  3. From now on, either a mother or father of two and more children under the age of 15, a child with disability or an adopted child may take an additional annual leave of 10 calendar days. Previously, such leave was only available to mothers.
  4. A possibility to have shorter working hours if an employer provides such benefit at its own expense for its employees with children.

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