Law of Ukraine "On the Integrity of Lobbying" Adopted

The Law of Ukraine "On the Integrity of Lobbying" was adopted by the Verkhovna Rada on 23 February 2024 and was sent to the President of Ukraine for sign-off on February 27.

After its first reading, the law proposes the following key changes:

  • The concept of lobbying has been further defined as an activity aimed at influencing (or attempting to influence) the object of lobbying in the commercial interests of the beneficiary (for a remuneration received directly or indirectly, and/or with the payment of actual expenses necessary for its implementation) or in the individual's own commercial interests, and related the subject of lobbying.
  • Lobbying does not include the activities of public associations, other non-profit businesses, institutions and organizations aimed at influencing (or attempting to influence) power entities (state authorities, other state bodies, local self-government bodies, legal entities of public law vested with powers and authority, their officials) with the aim of causing such entities to make or refrain from making decisions falling within their powers, except when such activities concern commercial interests.
  • A foreign state has now been added as a beneficiary.
  • A foreign legal entity with a representative office in Ukraine existing under the Law of Ukraine "On Foreign Economic Activity" has now been added as a subject of lobbying.
  • Media outlets, political parties, local chapters of political parties, religious organizations, electoral candidates in the elections of the President of Ukraine, elections of people's deputies of Ukraine or local elections also cannot be the subjects of lobbying.
  • The concept of advocacy has been removed.
  • A normative legal act changing the territory of Ukraine or declaring amnesty also cannot be the subject of lobbying.
  • The Ukrainian people in the all-Ukrainian referendum and a territorial community in the local referendum are not regarded as the objects of lobbying.
  • The report on lobbying is to be submitted twice a year.

The law enters into force on the day following its publication and will be carried into effect two months after the day the Transparency Register starts functioning, but no later than 1 January 2025, except for certain items mandating the development of normative acts for its implementation, etc.

For further information, please contact Asters' Co-Managing Partner Serhii Sviriba and Counsel Yuna Potomkina.

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