Asters Exhibits Authentic Ukrainian Art by Vira Barinova-Kuleba

 Mrs. Barinova-Kuleba artworks catalogue

Asters proudly launches a new outstanding exhibition as a part of its Art Asters project. The opening event will take place on 17 February 2011, when Asters office will become a host to a suite of engrossing paintings by Vira Barinova-Kuleba, one of the famous personalities in the Ukrainian art.

The works of Mrs. Barinova-Kuleba within her exhibition "Self-Portrait from the Imagination" represent a fusion of the modern and the timeless in Ukraine's folk life. Her realistic yet original panel painting style has long been acclaimed for sincerity, deep sensitivity, and authentic Ukrainian motifs. Born in a village family with truly Ukrainian traditions and motherhood values, having witnessed the aftermath of the collectivization and World War II, Vira Barinova-Kuleba has been indefatigably creating images illustrative of the culture and times she came from since her childhood. Today Vira is an Honored Artist of Ukraine, member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine, Professor of the National Academy of Arts and Architecture of Ukraine, Correspondent Members of the National Academy of Arts of Ukraine, and Cavalier of the Order of Princess Olha, 3rd Degree. Her works are exhibited in Ukraine, Switzerland, China, the United States, Russia, Hungary, Germany, Great Britain, and France. They are also owned by Ukrainian and foreign museums and private collectors around the world; as well as being auctioned at Sotheby's and Christie's.

The scheduled exhibition of Vira Barinova-Kuleba's paintings will be held within the framework of Asters' non-profit project Art Asters aimed at supporting and promoting Ukrainian contemporary art. First launched in 2009, the project has already gained public recognition and success due to well-organized previous art events. This time not only is Asters delighted to raise people's familiarity with Mrs. Barinova-Kuleba's masterpieces, but also happy to have the U.S.-Ukraine Business Council (USUBC) as a co-organizer of the exhibition.

Armen Khachaturyan, Asters Senior Partner, commented on Vira Barinova-Kuleba's participation in the project: "From the very moment I met Vira I was instantly convinced that she would hold a special place in the Art Asters Project that Asters began also for the benefit of those who have not yet heard, seen, and fallen in love with her works and her world, in which the Ukrainian soul bloomed so brightly and which is boundless, because it transcends nationality."

Morgan Williams, USUBC President, also declared his admiration for the artist's work and the exhibition's immense value: "I would not want to miss the opportunity to enjoy her new paintings and listen to Vira, so passionately narrating the stories beyond the creation of each painting. After each visit one comes away knowing here is a very special person, a real person, with an amazing talent, who creates paintings out of her soul and her love for Ukraine. One can spend hours listening to Vira and never want the experience to be over. She is a national treasure."

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