Asters and US-Ukraine Business Council Host a Spring Art Party

On 27 March 2012 Asters and US-Ukraine Business Council hosted a Spring Art Party featuring the works of Vasyl Zabashta. The event is part of the ArtAsters non-profit project aimed at benefiting Ukrainian artists and creating additional opportunities for them to display their work.

Born in 1918, Mr. Zabashta combines a fascinating personal history with unique artistic excellence and recognition. He started his creative work shortly after the Second World War where he served in the Urals tank corps and was decorated for valor. Since 1952 he has been teaching at the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture and holding his brush tight.

Vasyl Zabashta is the master of history paintings, portraits, and landscapes. His style developed under the influence of the academic school of painting, while more recently he has been declaring his interest in post-impressionism and expressionism. Vasyl Zabashta absorbed and keeps developing the traditions of the national school of painting. He is without a doubt one of the most prominent and authentic representatives of Ukrainian culture today. The totality of his enormous creative experience shows in the combination of deeply morally aware, emotional, symbolic and coloristic features of his works.

Vasyl Zabashta has created more than 900 paintings. His works can be found in the collections of many Ukrainian museums, including the National Art Gallery. Many of his works are also preserved in private collections in the United States, Canada, France, Italy, and China. Vasyl Zabashta has the titles of People's Artist of Ukraine, Distinguished Arts Worker of Ukraine, and Professor of Fine Arts.

Asters Senior Partner Armen Khachaturyan opened the event and introduced the artist to the guests: "Vasyl Zabashta is not simply a name. He is a phenomenon not merely in the Ukrainian art world but in the Ukrainian culture at large. We at Asters and our friends at USUBC are honored to be able to showcase his work."

This Spring Art Party continues the tradition of events jointly organized by USUBC and Asters for members and guests of the USUBC confirming friendship between the US and Ukraine. The guests of the events have come to expect and enjoy the unique Ukrainian art presented in the futuristic design of Asters' gallery alongside impressive panoramic views of historic Kyiv downtown.

Photos can be viewed here.

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