Asters is a General Partner of Investment Salon Kharkiv 2011

Asters acted as a general partner of the Investment Salon Kharkiv 2011 organized by Investment Group Avantazh Capital and Communication Group PRT on 9-10 June 2011. Baker Tilly Ukraine and the Warsaw Stock Exchange also acted as general partners.

The Investment Salon became a convenient place for contacts between Ukrainian small and medium companies in agribusiness, IT and food industry looking for equity private placements and IPOs and potential investors, investment banks, private equity funds, legal and financial advisers. The program included presentations on various issues of getting equity investment at foreign capital markets in general and at the Warsaw Stock Exchange in particular, master classes of investment, auditing and legal consultants, as well as pre-road-show and business negotiations among participants.

Asters' senior partner Armen Khachaturyan and associate Oleksiy Demyanenko gave a master class on legal issues of IPO of Ukrainian companies at the Warsaw Stock Exchange, describing peculiarities of going public at the Exchange's main market or seeking equity investment at the secondary market New Connect. The presentation also included such topics as pre-IPO corporate restructuring, setting up a holding company in a tax-friendly jurisdiction, due diligence, drafting prospectus or information memorandum, corporate approvals and filing procedures. Asters' master class was well received by the audience.

Armen Khachaturyan commented on the event: "Asters' active role in the Investment Salon focused on IPO opportunities for Ukrainian small and medium businesses primarily in the Warsaw Stock Exchange was natural due to the firm's long standing working relations with the stock exchange, familiarity with its regulatory requirements and great experience in structuring capital market projects for Ukrainian issuers. The forum allowed to strengthen working relations with Avantazh Capital and Baker Tilly, the firm's partners in developing IPO strategies for many clients, to establish new contacts among Polish investment and brokerage groups, and to discuss legal issues directly with potential issuers. We now look forward to assisting these companies with implementation of their financing plans."

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