ArtAsters Presents Iconart Gallery Exhibition

On 10 November 2015, Asters jointly with the U.S.-Ukraine Business Council held a reception within the ArtAsters project presenting an exhibition of 74 artworks of the Ukrainian artists cooperating with Iconart Gallery of Contemporary Sacred Art, located in Lviv (Ukraine). Exhibiting artists include: Arsen Bereza, Olexander Bryndikov, Andriy Vynnychok, Petro Humenyuk, Ivanka Demchuk, Oleh Denysenko, Maryna Ignatieva, Andriy Kovalenko, Olga Kovtun, Olga Kravchenko, Ivanka Krypyakevych-Dymyd, Ostap Lozynsky, Taras Lozynsky, Danylo Movchan, Uliana Nyshchuk-Borysyak, Natalia Rusetska, Yuriy Smolsky, Yaroslava Tkachuk, Luba Yatskiv.

At the opening ceremony Armen Khachaturyan, Asters' Senior Partner, emphasized: "ArtAsters proudly hosts today the exhibition of the only gallery of contemporary sacred art in Ukraine. Iconart's mission of collecting and presenting Ukrainian artistic works expressing eternal spiritual values in the esthetic forms of the XXI century is needed by Ukrainians today as strongly as ever. The truth of the matter is that at good times and at bad times the art inspires and heals the souls".

Morgan Williams, USUBC President, indicated that "ArtAsters has a very noble mission of promoting Ukrainian art and Ukrainian artists among business community. Iconart's collection allows all of us to understand the profoundness of sacred art that has always been an integral part of the Ukrainian cultural heritage. It helps to better understand an unbreakable chain uniting Ukraine's history, art, and religion – three pillars of Ukraine's survivability through centuries".

Kostiantyn Shumskyy, the Founder of Iconart, noted specific nature of this exhibition: "Independently working in different styles, the artists focus on spiritual and religious concerns within the contemporary cultural context in which they live. This special group of artists is brought together through shared understanding of Ukrainian spiritual culture and their respective intimate experiences. Their works are centered on the creation of images of the World Unseen: a Sinner in search of Paradise, Man in search of God, Heroes and Seducers, Saints and Traitors, and God in search of Man".

The event was traditionally held in Asters' office with near a hundred guests attending, including business managers, diplomats, governmental officers and public figures.

* * *

The Iconart Gallery (Lviv, Ukraine), established in 2009, specializes in the contemporary artistic interpretation of spiritual topics in today's cultural context. In the past six years, the gallery has developed a substantial network of artists throughout Ukraine. It is the only gallery of contemporary sacred art in Ukraine that focuses primarily on the spiritual, religious dimensions of contemporary art. Since its opening the gallery has organized more than 60 exhibitions and events that were dedicated to the spiritual problems of modern Ukrainian culture, and have presented works by several generations of artists of various styles and techniques. All of these works are inspired by Christian culture and personal spiritual experience of the artists.

Iconart Gallery Exhibition is a joint event of the U.S.-Ukrainian Business Council and Asters.

ArtAsters is Asters' CSR project established in 2009 dedicated to supporting, showcasing, promoting and popularizing the contemporary Ukrainian art and providing opportunity to artists for exhibiting their works in the spectacular Asters' office for the enjoyment of the firm's employees, clients and guests.

The U.S.-Ukraine Business Council (USUBC) is a private, non-profit trade association representing the interests of the U.S. businesses active in Ukraine and Ukraine businesses active in or somehow connected to the U.S. markets. USUBC is headquartered in Washington, DC. USUBC is the largest business trade association for Ukraine which is not locally headquartered. USUBC has been promoting Ukraine as a place to do business since 1995.

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