White Paper 2021 Offshore wind power and ‘green’ hydrogen: discovering new limits of Ukraine’s generating capacity
Author: Kateryna Knysh, Stepan Kudria, Marta Halabala, Anzhelika Livitska, Bohdan Shmorhun, Olena Sichkovska-Chornobyl, Oleksandr Riepkin

Asters, Ukrainian Wind Energy Association and Ukrainian Hydrogen Council have published the White Paper "Offshore wind energy and green hydrogen: new frontiers of Ukraine's energy potential".

The publication targets the top management of the Ukrainian energy market players, as well as a wider audience interested in the development of renewable energy and decarbonization of the Ukrainian economy.

The White Paper analyses the potential for offshore wind energy development in Ukraine, as well as the use of wind energy for the production of green hydrogen. The authors have presented convincing arguments in favor of the development of this energy sector and have suggested relevant changes to the Ukrainian legislation to facilitate investments in offshore wind energy and production of "green" hydrogen. 

Download the full text of the White Paper >>


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