Sponsorship in Sport
Author: Oleksiy Kolchanov
Source: The Ukrainian Journal of Business Law. – 2011. – December. – p.27

The legal environment for sport sponsorship in Ukraine has matured and taken shape over the last few years. However, Ukrainian legislation on sponsorship is still not sufficiently developed and it lacks clarity in many key respects. The Ukrainian legal concept of sponsorship follows the general European approach defining sponsorship as any contribution made by a public or private undertaking with a view to promoting its name, its trademark, its image, its activities or its products. Ukrainian legal framework of sponsorship and advertising is partially based on the European Convention on Transfrontier Television and respective Council Directives. But Ukrainian rules are more restrictive, especially where advertising of alcoholic beverages is concerned.

UEFA rules prohibit the advertising of tobacco, strong alcoholic beverages as well as of slogans of a political, religious or racial nature and the advertising of other causes that offend common decency. In addition, UEFA has decided to ban the consumption, sale, and promotion of tobacco products in stadiums hosting matches during the UEFA EURO 2012 tournament. Following this example, a bill was introduced to the Ukrainian Parliament recently seeking to ban the consumption of tobacco in virtually all public spaces. Another way in which Ukraine follows UEFA’s lead is that Ukraine introduced a ban on tobacco sponsorship and advertising recently as well as on alcohol advertising on television, radio and in public places. This decision brings sponsorship legislation even closer to UEFA regulations.

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