Government simplifies the registration of representative offices of foreign companies in Ukraine

On 23 October 2019 the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine adopted the Decree "Certain Issues of Registration of Representative Offices of Foreign Business Entities in Ukraine" No. 893, which became effective on 2 November 2019.

According to the decree, the amount of fee for registration of representative offices of foreign companies in Ukraine by the Ministry of Development of Economy, Trade and Agriculture of Ukraine was significantly decreased, as well as the term of such registration was reduced.

Thus, instead of USD 2,500 and 60 business days, the cost and period of registration will be as follows: 

  • one subsistence minimum and 20 business days; or
  • 30 subsistence minimums and 60 business days – in case of registration of representative offices of foreign companies, being residents of an aggressor state. 

The term shall be calculated from the date when the foreign company submitted documents for registration. 

The fee shall be charged in the respective amount of subsistence minimum for able-bodied persons, established by the law as of 1 January of the calendar year when the relevant documents are submitted for registration, and shall be rounded up to the next UAH 10. 

Therefore, by the end of 2019 the fee will amount to UAH 1,930 and UAH 57,630 respectively. 

For furtherinformation, please contact partner Vadym Samoilenko or associate Iuliia Savchenko.

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