Senior associate Leonid Antonenko takes part in the Conference on Merger and Acquisition in Ukraine

Kyiv, 25 November 2010, Asters' senior associate, Leonid Antonenko, took part in the III Annual Law Conference "Merger and Acquisition in Ukraine", dedicated to the legal aspects of M&A agreements with the participation of law and financial firms' executives.

The primary objective of the conference was to provide comprehensive and exhaustive information on the current status of Ukrainian's M&A market, as well as to project the overall picture of the M&A market's revival and discuss new progressive instruments and ways of solutions to the topical issues that arise in the process of preparation and closing of M&A transactions.

The conference's highlights included: Overview of the most recent M&A deals; Structuring of joint ventures and shareholders agreements under English law; and Novelties of the Law of Ukraine on Joint Stock Companies concerning equity deals.

A particularly valuable practical spin on the debate was given by the case studies on certain M&A transactions recently closed by the presenters.

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