Asters Tops the Ratings for Key Practices in Ukrainian Law Firms 2012: A Handbook for Foreign Clients

The newly published Ukrainian Law Firms 2012: A Handbook for Foreign Clients (ULF 2012) highlights Asters' leadership in key industries and practices. The publication rates Asters as the No. 1 firm in Ukraine for Corporate, Antitrust and IT & Communications work and among the Top-3 firms in Agribusiness, Labour & Employment, and Medicine & Healthcare/Pharmaceuticals. The firm is also recognized among the Top-5 practices in Banking & Finance, Capital Markets & Securities, Energy & Natural Resources, and M&A.

This recognition of the firm is reinforced by personal recognition of the firm's partners. Igor Svechkar and Vadym Samoilenko top the lists of leading Antitrust and Corporate law practitioners respectively. Oleksiy Didkovskiy is named among leading individuals in M&A, and is top-ranked in IT & Communications. Armen Khachaturyan is recognized as a prominent name in Banking & Finance and Capital Markets & Securities. Oleksandr Padalka is named among Top-3 leading lawyers in Labour & Employment and Media & Entertainment. Roman Kostenko is recognized among leaders in Energy & Natural Resources. Asters' partners are also recognized as notable practitioners in Restructuring & Bankruptcy, Intellectual Property, and Real Estate & Construction.

The research highlights a number of positive developments in Asters' practice and its particular strengths. According to ULF 2012, in agribusiness Asters 'is seen across numerous benchmark deals providing wide-ranging expertise to clients'. In Antitrust & Competition the firm is characterized as the 'recognized market leader'. In M&A Asters is described as a 'Ukrainian heavyweight for transactional work'. It is noted for its 'established reputation' in labor and employment. In Medicine and Healthcare/Pharmaceuticals Asters is said to be a 'recognized leader in assisting cross-border M&A transactions'. The publication notes the firm's 'diverse practice' in land matters. In Media & Entertainment Asters is noted for its 'multi-disciplinary capacity'. The publication also notes development of the firm's sports law practice.

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Published since 2003, Ukrainian Law Firms: A Handbook for Foreign Clients is an annual legal market research and review publication. It provides international clients with overviews of key areas of Ukrainian law, publishes information about major public deals, and reviews fresh developments in the market. For those international clients planning to start or expand their business in Ukraine, it helps to find out who is who in the Ukrainian legal market offering the ratings based on such criteria as the firm's work on largest public deals, efficiency as well as firm's and partners' reputation among peers and clients.

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