Asters' Sixth Annual Scholarship Competition is Now Open for Submissions

Asters announces its Sixth Annual Scholarship Competition for students from law faculties in Kyiv and Kyiv region. The Competition enables each participant to assess his/her knowledge and determine the ways of further professional development and self-fulfillment.

The Competition has two rounds: remote and on-site. The first (remote) round involves completing the competition assignments elaborated on the basis of actual client cases handled by Asters. Based on the evaluation of entries, the Scholarship Committee determines 10 winners to participate in the second (on-site) round that will involve solving theoretical and practical assignments before the Committee.

Based on the results of two rounds, 3 winners to be announced, who will be able to:

• receive a monthly scholarship in the course of six months in the amount of:

І place – UAH 2,000
ІІ place – UAH 1,500
ІІІ place – UAH 1,000

• undertake an internship at Asters in the time free from studying; and 

• get the opportunity to be further employed and become a part of Asters' professional team.

Deadline for submitting entries:
24 October 2012 (inclusive)

Mail your entries at

More information about the Scholarship Competition is available on Asters' web-site: www.asterslaw.com/competition

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Thank you for your application
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