Asters Partner Vadym Samoilenko speaks at the 1st UBA Video Conference between Kyiv and Ternopil

Kyiv, 27 January 2011, Vadym Samoilenko, Asters Partner, took part at the 1st UBA (Ukrainian Bar Association) Video Conference "Prospects of Development of Corporate Law". The Conference was conducted by the UBA and hosted by Asters. The speakers included Vadym Samoilenko and Olena Shcherbyna with Denys Bugay moderating the event.

In a two-hour Video Conference, the participants in Kyiv and Ternopil exchanged views and shared experience on legal aspects of functioning of joint stock companies and limited liability companies in the light of the existing and prospective legislation.

In his presentation, Mr. Samoilenko analyzed the advantages and weaknesses of the draft law No. 5507 "On Limited Liability Companies" and invited colleagues to contribute to the workings of the task force created by the State Agency on Investment and Innovation to perfect the draft law. Vadym Samoilenko is a member of the task force.

Mr. Samoilenko commented: "The long awaited law "On Limited Liability Companies" shall become a giant leap on improvement of the business climate in Ukraine, but we have to guard and work hard so this law will not repeat the destiny of the notorious Law of Ukraine "On Joint Stock Companies" abundant in nonsense."

Though the Video Conference between the cities of Kyiv and Ternopil (via free Internet service Skype) was a pilot project, it turned out big success. All participants praised Asters also for organisational support, stylish and comfortable accommodation as well as for technical resources that made the Video Conference run smoothly.

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