Asters Partner Elected to the Board of the Ukrainian Bar Association

Vadym Samoilenko, Partner of Asters, was elected to the Governing of the Ukrainian Bar Association (UBA) at the General Meeting of UBA held on 10 May in Odessa within the framework of VIII Annual Legal Conference of UBA. The new Board members were elected for a 2-year term.

Vadym's election program envisages working on establishing new and developing existing contacts of UBA with international, foreign and domestic legal and other professional organizations, UBA's active participating in and lobbying for new progressive legislation and efficient communicating with government to this effect.

Vadym Samoilenko comments: “My campaigning meant the desire to see UBA big and influential as its Western peers are. My electing means that I'll work hard to make it happen and don’t have a right to fail”

* * *

Asters is a General Partner of UBA for 2011 and preceding years. UBA unites lawyers to promote the Rule of Law in all spheres of state, public and social life, to contribute to the development of the national legislation and promote law awareness in the society, to develop legal profession in Ukraine, to protect lawful rights and interests of its members and to facilitate informal communication between them.

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