Asters Lawyer Sits on the Panel of Judges at the Second Annual Judicial Debates on the Civil Law of Ukraine
On 16 May 2009 Asters associate and attorney Andriy Pozhydaev appeared as a judge at the Second Annual Judicial Debates on the Civil Law of Ukraine. The event was organized by the Student Scientific Society of Law Students "Scholaris" and took place at the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy (NaUKMA).

The Judicial Debates on the Civil Law of Ukraine is an annual competition among teams from Ukrainian institutions of higher learning. The debates are conducted for purposes of encouraging students to study Ukrainian civil law and procedure, as well as to draw the attention of young experts to examine issues of concern in these areas and to search for ways to resolve them. The competition serves as a unique testing ground for the student-lawyers’ practical knowledge, analytical abilities and oratory skills through mock court sessions, which are a simulation of actual legal activity — preparing pleadings, participating in judicial proceedings, speaking in court, etc. To determine each team’s level of preparation and to choose the strongest, legal practitioners from the leading Ukrainian law firms are invited to sit on the panel of judges and actively converse with the debaters during the mock proceedings.

This year, six teams from the law departments of institutions of higher learning from Kyiv, Kharkiv, Ternopil, Khmelnytskyi, and Lviv took part in the competition. According to the results of the written phase, the team from NaUKMA earned the award in the category "Best Claim" and "Best Objection to a Claim", and was declared "Best Oratory Team" according to the results of the semi-final judicial sessions. The teams from NaUKMA and the Yaroslav the Wise National Law Academy were in the finals, and the latter prevailed according to the results of the final mock session.

In commenting upon the competition, Andriy Pozhydaev noted: "Such contests are an important component of the training process and extremely necessary in preparing future lawyers for the realities of speaking in court. Thanks to this competition, students have been given the opportunity to test their knowledge and to measure their skill and mastery with opponents in the form of mock debates. This activity and its results are worthy of support; after all, it’s much better to learn from one’s mistakes in mock proceedings than to make such mistakes in an actual courtroom."
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