Asters Joins a Global Pool of Islamic Finance Law Firms

Asters has become a member of ISFIN, the world's leading platform of law firms specializing in Islamic Finance, investments from and to the Muslim world and the Halal industry. The alliance covers more than 40 jurisdictions around the world. ISFIN is composed by the most innovative and highly regarded independent law firms.

Armen Khachaturyan, Senior Partner of Asters, commented: "Our ISFIN partnership will enhance the geographical reach of our client service by giving our clients access to the best law firms in emerging markets and in one of the fastest growing financial markets. Ukraine is a crossroad and gateway between East and West. We have a key role to play in the international investment market and we are vigilant to accompany our clients outside our borders and make sure investors in the region get the most of the opportunities offered by the country."

Banking and finance are the areas of Asters' core expertise. The firm advises leading banks and financial institutions on major projects in Ukraine and is known for its innovative solutions of novel and complex legal problems: from various Eurobond arrangements to structured and project finance instruments. "Partnership with ISFIN will enable us to keep abreast of the emerging investment markets in Turkey, Asia, the Middle East and the CIS and better serve investors from those regions," adds Armen Khachaturyan.

Prof. Laurent Marlier, CEO of ISFIN, commented: "ISFIN is delighted to welcome Asters as an exclusive Ukrainian partner firm. The firm is "the creme de la creme" of legal advice in Ukraine and offers the highest standards of service. We value the firm for its innovative and entrepreneurial spirit. Asters is the right address for foreign investors in Ukraine. With the addition of Asters, we expand the knowledge and experience available through ISFIN worldwide network and consolidate our position in Eastern Europe with yet another major player in the region."

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