Asters joined the working group on the establishment of an international medical center

Asters Law Firm, represented by partner  Vadym Samoilenko and associate Maryana Sayenko, joined the working group on the establishment of a unique medical cluster under the Tavriyskiy National University named after V. I. Vernadsky (hereinafter – the Medical Cluster) under the auspices of the Government of Ukraine. Asters will assist with the legal structuring of this innovative project, and will carry out further legal support of the Medical Cluster in case of its successful implementation.

The project provides for the establishment of an American-type Medical Cluster, aimed at, among other things, researching and implementation of advanced methods of treatment and rehabilitation using telecommunication and electronic (computer) technologies.

Asters' partner Vadym Samoilenko is confident that this Medical Cluster will not only be an unprecedented scientific and practical platform for the further development of the healthcare sphere in Ukraine, but will also create a fertile ground for the exchange of experience among the leading medicine experts from Ukraine, Europe and the United States. "We decided to participate in the project, because this medical cluster will be able to provide serious support for our country's access to the world level of medical care and, remarkably, will facilitate Ukrainian medical personnel to gain proficiency in the most innovative and progressive methods of treatment and rehabilitation", – Mr. Samoilenko points out.

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