Asters is a partner of the 5th International Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency Forum in Ukraine REF-2013 Kyiv

Asters participated as a partner of the 5th International Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency Forum REF-2013 Kyiv in Ukraine organized by the IBCenter and the Association of Alternative Fuel and Energy Market Participants of Ukraine (APEU) which took place on 15-16 October 2013 in Kyiv.

As part of the initiative, Yaroslav Petrov, Asters' leading lawyer for energy projects, participated in the forum on 15 October and delivered a speech "How the adoption of the Law of Ukraine "On the Principles of Electric Power Market Operation" will affect the wind energy market."

Besides, on 16 October 2013 Asters hosted a closing evening reception for the forum participants – Renewables in Art under the ArtAsters project. The guests had an opportunity to see the Wind from Ukraine exhibition of exclusive posters by a Ukrainian artist Valeriy Viter and enjoy the pleasant music performed by Kobza Original music band involving Valeriy Viter as an art director and primary soloist. The reception program also included a draw of prizes from forum partners and an original artwork painted on a solar battery module and dedicated to alternative energy.

* * *

REF Kyiv Annual Forum is the principal renewable energy event gathering energy efficiency and renewable energy leaders as speakers, partners and participants to drive the development of renewable energy sources and energy efficiency projects in the counties of the CIS and Eastern Europe. The forum participants include prominent industry experts and officers of leading European and CIS companies from wind, solar, hydro and biofuel energy sectors in the areas of energy efficiency and smart grid technology.

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