Asters establishes partnership with Women on Boards Ukraine

Asters joins Women on Boards Ukraine (WoB), a not-for-profit organization dedicated to empowering women in high leadership roles and advancing the presence of women in corporate boardrooms. Asters' equity partner Talina Kravtsova will represent the firm in the community.

WoB focuses on fostering a strong and interconnected community, empowering Ukrainian women for more board mandates, engaging in local and international collaboration, championing the principles of ESG in rebuilding Ukraine, advocating for legislative changes in line with European directives.

Talina Kravtsova comments: "WoB offers the opportunity to contribute to developing a professional, ambitious and socially responsible women's community. The platform creates conditions for interaction, partnership, exchange of ideas, life, and management experience. I am happy to contribute my knowledge and skills acquired over the last 20 years in the legal industry to the creation of an active women's environment in the modern corporate world." 


Asters is the largest full-service law firm in Ukraine. The firm is committed to promoting and adhering to ESG principles in day-to-day operations and client advice. In 2023, Asters was recognized as one of Ukraine's most socially responsible law firms, according to the annual PLS Top Teams research conducted by Legal Practice Weekly. 

Women on Boards Ukraine (WoB) was established in response to the challenging circumstances caused by the aggressive full-scale invasion of Ukraine in 2022. It stands as a pillar for a better future, where professional women will play a meaningful and vital role in building a Better Ukraine.

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