Asters Contributed to Ukrainian Translation of the Most Popular Arbitration Rules in the World

Asters' Associates Yaroslav Petrov and Viktoriia Afanasieva contributed to Ukrainian translation of the Arbitration Rules of the International Chamber of Commerce within the framework of cooperation with the Ukrainian National Committee of ICC. The Ukrainian translation was published on the ICC official website alongside with the other ten language versions.

The working group believes that translation of the ICC Arbitration Rules into Ukrainian will facilitate their accessibility to the Ukrainian audience. This project is vital due to the fact that for the last five years the ICC Rules have been occupying the first place in the world in popularity and frequency of use for the resolution of arbitration disputes (according to the research of the International Arbitration Survey: Choices in International Arbitration held in 2010).

Experts dealing with commercial arbitration disputes were involved in the translation of the ICC Arbitration Rules into Ukrainian. The accuracy of translation was ensured by lawyers with an extensive experience in application of the original text of the Rules.

This project proves to be a successful example of cooperation among law firms and demonstrates their social responsibility to other members of the legal community in Ukraine.

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