Asters Became a Partner in the National Project of Entrepreneurship Development in Ukraine

Asters joins Business Idea – the National Project of Entrepreneurship Development in Ukraine – as a partner. The firm contributes to the project its own initiative 'Lawyer's Advice' which includes pro bono legal advising for small and medium enterprises in all practice areas. Also, within the initiative, Asters' lawyers regularly update enterprises on the legislation changes that could directly and indirectly influence business activity in Ukraine.

Business Idea project aims to advance entrepreneurial culture among Ukrainian people, increase the level of professionalism and economic stability of small and medium businesses, regulate the system of communication and experience exchange among businessmen, adjust the mechanisms of cooperation between small and large businesses, and facilitate problem solving of depressive regions and monotowns through development of entrepreneurship.  

Asters Managing Partner Oleksiy Didkovskiy pointed out:  "The Future of Ukraine is in small and medium businesses. As one of the most successful law firms in Ukraine, we want and can help others to become successful. We are ready to contribute to the process of establishment of new and development of existing business initiatives, increase legal competence and awareness of entrepreneurs, and give them confidence in their undertakings."

* * *

Business Idea project is the first Ukrainian platform for beginning entrepreneurs and representatives of small and medium businesses launched to provide a great number of unique ideas to establish and develop individual business.Project partners provide support in various spheres, including financial, commercial, legal, marketing, administrative and other issues related to doing business in Ukraine.
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