Asters Associate Speaks at the 17th International Sports Law Congress in Moscow

On 27 September 2011 Asters' senior associate Oleksiy Kolchanov spoke at the 17th International Sports Law Congress in Moscow, the major annual forum of sports lawyers.


The main objective of the Congress was to discuss hands-on experience of sports law implementation, as well as the necessity of the establishment of International Constitutional Charter of Sports as a legitimizing basis of the international sports and games. The event gathered over 100 participants, including sports law practitioners, researchers, specialized and general business media and became a platform for lively discussion and comprehensive analysis of all sports law related matters.

In his speech on "Sports Contracts in Ukraine", Oleksiy Kolchanov gave his own vision of the Ukrainian sports law development. He keynoted the necessity to tackle a number of issues with contracts in sports law influencing the development of Ukrainian sports law in general.

Oleksiy Kolchanov comments: "Globalization and growing internationalization of sports have significant impact on the development of the contractual practices in professional sports. Being aware of this trend and on the threshold of UEFA-2012, Asters gives closer scrutiny to sports law, which has already grown into a fully-fledged practice area in the Western countries. We intend to pioneer Ukraine's involvement into this prospective sports movement in the nearest future."

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