Asters and ICC Ukraine held CSR seminar "What should you know to access the EU market and how to comply with the Association Agreement in Ukraine?"

The Participants were invited to learn about the main legal requirements to the export of Ukrainian products to EU markets under provisional application of Association Agreement and how to comply with the changes in Ukrainian trade policy.

Igor Gres, Vice-President of ICC Ukraine and Oleksandr Voznyuk, Counsel of Asters Law Firm, Co-Chair of the Competition Commission of the ICC Ukraine, greeted the guests at Asters premises. Oleksandr Voznyuk noted: "This is the first of the series of workshops that ICC Ukraine plans to hold this year to familiarize Ukrainian companies with European laws and competition rules. Business and markets have no boundaries and Ukrainian companies should use all the opportunities to expand their business in the EU. International competition is very fierce and the earlier the national business adapts to a tougher competitive environment, the more successful it will be in the future.

Tetiana Gryn, Asters Senior Associate, shared her knowledge on trade with the EU, its challenges and opportunities for the Ukrainian business. Julia Semeniy, Partner, deeply developed on the issues of protection of intellectual property rights when entering the EU market; and Anastasia Usova, Associate, updated on the key risks of unfair competition in advertising and promotion of products based on the cases from the AMC and EU practice. 

About 40 participants representing both international and local solid businesses attended the seminar. And Elena Rantsevich, Ecosoft CMO, was very satisfied with the seminar and emphasized: "The best strategy for Ukrainian companies now is to create products initially competitive and well secured in Europe, i.e. meeting EU standards, IP law, high quality and design standards. Aligning local production with European requirements has a bilateral effect – it reinforces the image of Ukrainian goods abroad and increases satisfaction of local customers. I believe all top-managers willing to enter the EU market must attend this seminar".

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