The Government approved the Procedure to maintain the Unified Register of Strategic Environmental Assessment

On 2 May 2023, the Ukrainian Government approved a Resolution on Procedure for maintenance of the Unified Register of Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA Register). The Resolution defines the list of data and the procedure for maintaining the SEA Register.

Creation of the SEA Register is provided for by the Law of Ukraine "On Strategic Environmental Assessment" and will contribute to the further fulfillment of Ukraine's obligations in the field of the European integration, namely implementation of Directive No. 2001/42/EC.

Until now, there was no single information platform in Ukraine with systematized and unified materials of all strategic environmental assessments conducted in Ukraine since the introduction of SEA legislation.

The introduction of the SEA Register in Ukraine:

  • will provide an opportunity for the public and business entities to receive information about the conducted SEAs
  • will increase awareness and the possibility of attracting potential investors to the reconstruction of Ukraine
  • will allow a more complex and balanced approach to issues of state planning, development and approval of planning documents

For more information, please contact Asters' Counsel Anzhelika Livitska and Associate Daria Gafonova.

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