Restoration of the E-construction system and publication of all state building standards of Ukraine

On 12 April 2023 the E-construction system restored the publication of data, which was suspended due to the war. Before 12 April 2023, the E-construction system was available only to the authorized users – architects, engineers, employees of control bodies. Public access to the system was suspended for security reasons.

Currently, information, that does not pose a threat to the national security and defense of Ukraine, is available on the public portal of the Unified State Electronic System in the Construction Sector. Open data sets in machine-readable format can be downloaded from the open data portal.

In addition, all state building standards (hereafter "SBS") and amendments to them were systematized and became publicly available starting from April 26, 2023, in Ukraine. Currently, all SBS can be found in the Unified State Electronic System in the Construction Sector (USESCS). You can learn about SBS via the link https://e-construction.gov.ua/laws/doc_type=2

These steps were implemented by the Ukrainian Government to accelerate the reconstruction of Ukraine.

For more information, please contact Asters' Counsel Anzhelika Livitska and Associate Daria Gafonova.

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