A digital approach to issuing subsoil use permits has been implemented In Ukraine

From 18 May 2023 companies can obtain special subsoil use permits through the Electronic Cabinet of the Subsoil User.

Each subsoil user will have access to a special Electronic Cabinet. The use of the Electronic Cabinet entitles the subsoil user to submit the necessary documents, as well as to review the log of all actions and/or events regarding the submitted and received electronic documents, information (facts and/or data) that take place in the Electronic Cabinet, including, in particular, the recording of the date and time of sending, receiving documents, information (facts and/or data) via the Electronic Cabinet and any change in the data available in the Electronic Cabinet, using a qualified electronic time stamp.

Additionally, in the Electronic Cabinet the subsoil users can:

  • submit applications and documents in electronic form for obtaining a subsoil use permit, extending its term of validity, or making changes to it
  • initiate plots of subsoil to be put up for electronic auctions for registration of subsoil use
  • make changes to the agreement on the conditions of subsoil use

Such a simplification in terms of subsoil use will help:

  • to issue the appropriate subsoil use right faster and easier
  • to increase the number of investments in this sector
  • to reduce/remove the corruption component in the field of subsoil use
  • state bodies to better control the use of natural resources

For more information, please contact Asters' Counsel Anzhelika Livitska and Associate Daria Gafonova.

Thank you for your application
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