Asters contributes to the professional development of students and junior associates

From 25 August to 2 September 2023, Asters gave 6 lectures as part of the Intensive Course in Corporate Law and M&A.

Asters' speakers, Senior Associate Bohdana Marchuk and Associate Volodymyr Kadyrov, gave lectures to the law students and junior associates on:

  • key aspects of LLCs and JSCs (establishment, corporate governance, transfer of participatory interests and shares, significant transactions and related-party transactions, management control tools, etc.)
  • specifics of conducting charitable activities in Ukraine (types, accreditation of a foreign charitable organisation, post-registration procedures for further activities)
  • main differences between share deals and asset deals, their pros and cons
  • peculiarities of drafting a corporate agreement under Ukrainian law
  • types of corporate conflicts, their reasons and settlement
  • main stages of legal support of M&A transaction, forms and key terms of the preliminary arrangements between the parties, types and peculiarities of due diligence of the target, transaction documents and peculiarities of their drafting

Asters is grateful to the participants for their engagement and invites them to explore its career opportunities https://www.asterslaw.com/career/vacancies/

Asters is the largest law firm in Ukraine with offices in Kyiv, Washington D.C., Brussels and London. The firm supports Ukrainian art, educational and healthcare projects. In 2020-2021, the firm was recognised as one of the most socially responsible law firms in Ukraine according to the annual PLS Top Teams research held by Legal Practice weekly.

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