Asters and the CBU held a webinar on military reservation procedure and military records

On 30 March 2023, Asters and the Confederation of Builders of Ukraine (CBU) held a webinar on renewed military reservation procedure and military records rules.

During the event, the speakers, Asters’ Counsels Yuna Potomkina and Anton Sintsov, spoke about the recently updated procedure to reserve employees at enterprises, the grounds to reserve employees, terms and procedure. They highlighted three key grounds for companies to reserve their employees, namely:

  • the company performs a mobilisation task for the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, other state authorities and has a relevant agreement
  • the company meets the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine / military formations and has a relevant state contract
  • the company is critically important

They spoke in detail about the third ground, namely the criteria a company must meet to be considered critical. The main criteria include the amount of taxes, the amount of foreign currency proceeds, the absence of debts for the payment of unified social tax, the average salary of its employees, residency in Diia City, etc.

During the presentation, the speakers outlined the updated rules for military records, including the appointment of a responsible person and the obligation of the company’s director to serve summons. They also outlined the liability for violation of these rules.

The presentation of the speakers is here.

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