Environmental regulation is both complex and vitally important in Ukraine. This is why it is essential that companies working in extractive, manufacturing and other sectors obtain competent advice in this field. We consult not only companies in such industries but also specialized investment funds and government agencies dealing with environmental matters. We have advised such high-profile clients as Damen Shipyards Group, the Danish Environmental Protection Agency, C6 Capital Limited, Climate Focus B.V., GreenStream Network Plc, Komunalkredit Public Consulting, Green Gas International, and others.

Asters has broad experience in environmental law based on a deep knowledge of the law and its practical application. In addition to our expertise in general matters, we are well known for our innovative solutions to unique and complex legal problems – we have assisted in everything ranging from carbon capture to water use regulations. We provide a full range of legal services on environmental matters.


Representative experience:

We advise major industrial companies, clean energy funds, and carbon traders on a wide range of matters:

  • C6 Capital Ltd. in connection with JI projects under the Kyoto Protocol with municipal companies with respect to municipal landfills in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, Ukraine, and Western Ukraine;

  • Climate Focus B.V. on the World Bank sponsored overview of Ukrainian legislation on international emissions trading under the Kyoto Protocol, green investment scheme projects, and certain other environmental law matters;

  • Komunalkredit Public Consulting on the Emission Reductions Purchase Agreement under the Kyoto Protocol with a major Ukrainian coal mine;

  • The Danish Environmental Protection Agency on the Emission Reductions Purchase Agreement under the Kyoto Protocol with the Kiev City State Administration regarding Kiev City Landfill No. 5, jointly with the law firm Eversheds in Denmark;

  • Damen Shipyards Group on regulatory issues regarding industrial pollution and waste management at its subsidiary shipyard in Ukraine;

  • Element Six, part of De Beers group, on environmental compliance and other regulatory issues related to the acquisition of a major Ukrainian diamond synthesis plant; 

  • Green Gas International B.V. on implementation of a coal mine methane utilization project in Luhansk Region, Ukraine aiming at electric power and heat production as well as generation of and trade in the Emission Reduction Units under the Kyoto Protocol;

  • GreenStream Network Plc on the Emission Reductions Purchase Agreement under the Kyoto Protocol with major Ukrainian industrial enterprises with participation of a major Ukrainian bank;

  • Mountfield Commodities Limited Ukraine on an environmental legal action brought against the company by the local community with regard to the construction of a gas condensate processing plant in Ukraine.

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