Roman Kostenko, partner

What does success mean to you?

Success means reaching the goals that you set for yourself. It does not boil down just to a single thing. In fact, it may materialize when the top of the profession, a status, and title is reached or obtained, however, in the first place comes the expertise you gain along the path that leads to the goal. I feel as being successful when I am satisfied with the results – in professional development, experience, and career. If you really love what you do, than at some point of time you start reaching success, and when it comes, than you get adequately compensated for what you do better than others.

In 2009 you were promoted to a partner level. What personal qualities helped you to reach that?

For me personally, it was persistence, loyalty, devotion to the cause and the team. When doing an important thing you really love, the process disciplines you, provides incentives and promotes personal development. Other qualities, such as intellectual firmness, patience, and discretion go without saying.

What advice can you give to those fresh from college lawyers who would like to pursue a legal career?

Legal profession is quite a multi-faceted one: it offers many opportunities - from academic career to legal practice, work at governmental authorities or private firms. It is determined by the goals a person sets for himself. There is no such thing as any universal set of qualities for a lawyer; however all fresh from college lawyers should make efforts in developing such qualities as firmness, scrupulousness, and desire for in-depth understanding in the matter at hand. In a law firm it is important to understand the industry, your clients, and to realize why the service you provide has a value for the clients. This helps in aligning your external expectations with personal pursuits.

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