Constantin Solyar, partner

What is your story in Asters and what inspires your professional development?

When I was a 4th year law student I set my eyes on the firm's scholarship contest booklet with very practical and innovative tasks that differed from those I had dealt with within the other contests. I still remember the assignments. After eight months of hard work and preparation for the competition, after an emotional victory in the competition and internship I became an employee at then Shevchenko Didkovskiy and partners. I think of those years with particular warmth because I not only received my first valuable professional experience, but also met my first true love.

After those initial years I went to work for a major international accounting firm seeking to expand my knowledge of tax law but pretty soon I found that my new employment could not become my lifestyle and I returned to Asters. This illustrates what an attractive and friendly place Asters is, especially for a young lawyer.

For me Asters is a kind of lifestyle and a place where most of my friends work. Here I don't follow the time and don't notice its flow. Every day in my work I face new life and professional challenges. Asters is also a team of talented and remarkable personalities who set big goals and achieve them through hard work and continuous learning. Here I feel great professional satisfaction from my work.

At present you are not only a legal practitioner but have also mentored the younger generation and supervised the Scholarship Competition in 2008. What does mentorship mean for you personally? What is your advice for those who want to become successful lawyers?

First of all mentorship implies responsibility. From time to time I recall my mentors and their recommendations, especially those I received during the first year of my legal career. Today I understand how important this was. Secondly, mentoring is an investment in our future. We are interested in our employees' prompt and fruitful professional development.

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