Inesa Letych, counsel

Asters holds the Scholarship Competition for law students in Kyiv and Kyiv region. Therefore, we have decided to share the story of our colleague – associate Inesa Letych – who in 2008 became a winner of the competition. Inesa gives some hints on how to win the contest, shed some light on her further professional development and also share her impressions of working at Asters.

What prompted you to participate in the Scholarship Contest organized by Asters?

Inesa Letych: The tasks that I found in the competition booklet were hugely different from those typically offered by the organizers of various contests and competitions for students. I got interested in their acuteness and practical orientation and decided to have a go myself.

How did you prepare?

IL: For me preparation for the competition was primarily the process of professional self-improvement and acquiring knowledge necessary for a contemporary lawyer. The main impetus for me was to gain proficiency in the theoretical background that would be useful in future career, regardless of the outcome.

What helped you to win the Competition, in your opinion?

IL: I think that the key to success in any initiative is perseverance and being clear about your goals. Apparently, fortune plays a definitive role, as it is quite difficult for students to embrace the whole amount of the required material. However, the desire to test my knowledge, and ability to promptly find the answers to questions were the most helpful.

What advice can you give to those students, who will participate in the competition this year?

IL: First of all, try to approach the task comprehensively. Secondly, have faith in your own abilities and fortune. From my personal experience, I can assure you that the competition will bring you a lot of fun and new experience regardless of the outcome.

What new prospects has the participation in the scholarship contest opened for both of you?

IL: Participation in the competition gave me an opportunity to assess my knowledge and to reveal my own vision of professional development. What is extremely enjoyable and important for me is the fact that I have been in a perfect professional shape for the three years at Asters, I collaborate with talented and passionate professionals on a daily basis.

How do you plan your ongoing professional development?

IL: Asters provides numerous opportunities for professional development: here I'm involved into exciting projects, have some role models. The basic thing is to continue my active personal and professional development and deepen my experience. 


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