Asters on joint initiatives with Tabletochki Charity Foundation: be the change you want to see in the world

Since 2015 Asters has been providing pro bono legal services to Tabletochki Charity Foundation. The firm has been supporting the advocacy of regulatory proposals related to the treatment of childhood cancer and advising the foundation on its day-to-day operations.

In 2021 Asters jointly with Tabletochki advocated for the initiative that introduced a new unified medical speciality of "paediatric haematologist-oncologist" in Ukraine. In line with the current European practice, this change is expected to improve the training of medical specialists and strengthen the system for treatment of childhood cancer.

Asters contributed to developing the draft of the National Cancer Control Plan initiated by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. For the first time since 2010, this document addresses the strategic issues in pediatric oncology. The Plan is now pending approval by the Government.

Over the past 3 years, Asters' Counsel Viktoriya Podvorchanska has been a Member of the Working Group with the National Health Service of Ukraine that focuses on developing the requirements for oncological and palliative health services as part of the state-guaranteed medical benefits package. Together with other experts, she has been working to improve the standards for medical institutions that treat patients with cancer.

Tabletochki is a charitable foundation that has been supporting Ukrainian children with cancer since 2011. The foundation works in four areas: targeted support for families, systematic assistance to children's hospitals, protection of Ukrainian patients' rights, and professional development of medical staff. Every month 500 families and 21 oncological departments all over Ukraine are assisted by the foundation. In 10 years over 5,000 children with cancer have received targeted support.

Asters is the largest law firm in Ukraine with offices in Kyiv, Washington D.C., London and Brussels. In 2020 and 2021 the firm was recognised as the most socially responsible law firm in Ukraine according to the annual PLS Top Teams research held by Legal Practice weekly.  

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