Asters Presents New Exhibition within Its Non-Profit Art Asters Project

Asters is pleased to launch a new exhibition of works of the Sayenko's artistic dynasty "Tree of the Family" as a part of ArtAsters project. Presentation of an exclusive collection of tapestries, carpets, straw mosaics and fabric paintings, and a meeting with the representatives of the famous family – Nina Sayenko and Lesia Maydanets-Sayenko were held on October 18, 2012. Opening reception was organized jointly with the U.S-Ukraine Business Council.


Armen Khachaturyan, Asters' senior partner, commented while opening the reception: "Art Asters is a non-profit project, launched in 2009 in order to benefit Ukrainian artists and create additional opportunities for them to display their work. Supporting art is one of the main constituents of our firm's corporate social responsibility. We are proud that throughout the whole period of this project's existence we have been closely cooperating with the U.S-Ukraine Business Council, which puts great effort into popularizing the initiative. I believe that this particular event will enhance our spiritual level and facilitate the national revival".


During the art reception guests had a chance to enjoy artworks and bandura performance, as well as to take part in master-class on weaving technique. Moreover, the silent auction featuring the art works created by students of Oleksandr Sayenko Art Studio for Deaf Children was held. All funds raised will be donated to the Art Studio to support its activities and further development.

* * *


The Sayenko's family is a bright page in the history of Ukrainian art. In their works they reflect a unique understanding of the world, keep to the Ukrainian ancient artistic traditions and not only preserve, but also develop them nowadays.

Glorious dynasty was started by the People's Artist of Ukraine Oleksandr Sayenko (1899-1985). This amazing man proved by his own example that there are no obstacles for a real talent. He lost his ability to speak and hear in childhood, but didn't lose faith in the goodness and beauty. The former became the distinctive feature of Oleksandr's artworks that glorified the Master not only in Ukraine, but also abroad (to his 100th anniversary, UNESCO included the artist's name into the list of outstanding figures of world culture).

Oleksandr's daughter Nina has accompanied him as a loyal friend, assistant, student, colleague and heiress of the father's artistic traditions and his life-affirming instructions. Nina Sayenko is an Honored Artist of Ukraine, holder of the Order of Princess Olga, the founder and teacher at Oleksandr Sayenko Art Studio for Deaf Children. She followed the artist's path not only as a painter of decorative arts, but also as an art director of major cultural events.

Nina's daughter Lesia Maydanets-Sayenko, the Master of Arts, Ph.D., associate professor of the Mykhailo Boychuk Kyiv State Institute of Decorative Arts and Design, continues the art of the dynasty. From the early years Lesia studied painting from her grandfather that helped her to retain individual perception of the world and form her own style in decorative arts.

The Sayenkos' creative works are the splendid example of continuity of artistic traditions, heritage of generations, and pride of national art. Family's artworks were exhibited in Poland, Canada, Belgium, China, France, Germany, Australia, Greece, Russia, the USA, Great Britain, and Finland.

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